Manufactures Resin Domed Labels

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Manufactures Resin Domed Labels


For over 20 years promoting its trademark, custom giving a brighter, more striking, and especially more durable adhesives aspect. To do this, all our resin stickers we apply polyurethane resin imported high-quality US.

Our products are very useful in the marking of furniture, hospitality industry, appliances and all kinds of technological equipment.



Thanks to our doming you you can benefit from many advantages mentioned below.

What are the benefits of adding our doming to yours decals resin?

– The resin adhesive is more resistant to chemical cleaning and disinfection, due to the screen effect that produces the doming. Every logo benefits from the advantages of our resin treatment, whether it’s applied to clinical furniture, white goods, shower screens or any other item.

– It adds far greater strength at both high and low temperatures, as the polyurethane resin has a wider range of resistance to thermal contractions than a conventional adhesive vinyl. It’s perfect for corporate logos on any type of appliance, such as especially ovens, industrial washing machines, and all manner of others., etc …

– The resin sticker adds resistance to the effects of the sun thanks to its ultraviolet protection additives, as well as ensuring protection from rain and salt spray, improving resistance in extreme weather conditions to more than two years, even for marine applications.

– The hardness of the resin (shore D 30 + / – 5°) prevents damage to the surface of the label, protecting it from scratches and scuffs. It’s especially suitable for vehicle bodywork

– Our polyurethane resin is completely transparent and doesn’t yellow over time, unlike epoxy resin.

At IDSCREENSL we can print, punch, and resinar your resin labels – also known by the English term doming – to promote your company or business. We always adapt to your individual needs, in sizes, shapes and quantities.




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We will advise you on which materials, printing methods, and inks would produce the best results based on your specific needs and the requirements of the sector. You can contact us on this page.


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