QR domed stickers


QR domed stickers

Would you like to have the Quick Response code incorporated into your products?

Look no further, you have come to the right place in IDSCREEN We are manufacturers of high-quality domed stikers, so you can attached them wherever you need.

What is a QR code resin label?

Domed decals and labels are a premium product that offer a professional finish to whatever product, component or piece of equipment they are applied to, With the qr code your stikers it will be contains information about the item to which it is attached.

Perfect for:


    1. Advertising and marketing.
    2. Products tracking
    3. Item identification and locator, identifier, or tracker that points to a website or application
    4. Augmented reality
    5. Wifi network login.


Sometimes promotions or events are transient and you don’t want to make major upheavals to your products, what better than a quick overlay sticker with a QR code to the event’s webpage?


Technical characteristics of our resin

  1. impossible to manipulate the QR
  2. Resistant to chemical cleaning and disinfection.
  3. Resistant to high and low temperatures.
  4. High resistance to the effects of the sun thanks to its UV protective additives.
  5. Hardness (shore D 30 + / – 5°) to prevent scratching of the adhesive.
  6. No yellowing with the passage of time like epoxy doming.
  7. Can be adapted to any graphic design to obtain optimal results.



Whether you need a standard shape or a custom cut domed logo – with simple spot colours or a multi-coloured design, our digital printing and cutting equipment allows us to produce domed decals in any size, shape or colour! And when colour matching is important, just give us your Pantone colour value and our print and dome specialists will provide you with vibrant, accurate colour every time.


QR domed stickers Uses

Augmented reality

QR codes stickers are used in some augmented reality systems to determine the positions of objects in 3-dimensional space.

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